Hello, I'm Michelle Palmer, the proud founder of Chlio.

My journey began as a middle-aged mother of two. As my daughters blossomed into young women with an eye for style, I found myself drawn to their pursuit of unique jewelry pieces. However, what frustrated me was the societal misconception that beautiful, quality jewelry comes with a high price tag. This myth, deeply ingrained since childhood, propelled me to create Chlio.

The truth is, it all started from a personal desire for distinctive, minimalist jewelry that didn’t cost a fortune. Tired of the generic and overpriced items on the market, I made it my mission to source affordable yet beautiful pieces from around the globe. However, what started as a personal quest soon evolved into a broader vision, leading to the birth of Chlio.

At Chlio, we are committed to challenging the conventional idea that quality jewelry is synonymous with a hefty price tag. The belief that led me here wasn't merely my love for jewelry, but the realization of how the industry has subtly conditioned us to think. That's why at Chlio, we aspire to make a positive change in the way we perceive jewelry.

The heart of Chlio lies in empowering every woman to own gorgeous jewelry pieces without straining their wallet. We believe every woman deserves to express herself with jewelry that matches her unique style, regardless of her budget.

The driving force behind Chlio is more than just providing a product; it's about making a positive impact in the world by debunking the myth that beauty and quality necessitate extravagant spending. Our dream is to transform the jewelry industry, reconditioning the societal perception, and demonstrating that anyone can own a piece of elegance and luxury without breaking the bank.

Thank you for considering Chlio. It's an honor to be a part of your journey towards finding quality, affordable jewelry that celebrates your individuality.

From my heart to yours,

Michelle Palmer, Chlio Founder 💍